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Vlad Gerasimov 21 June 2022

This picture is inspired by a random photo I saw on the Internet – a delivery robot standing near a street guitarist, as if listening to him.

Stylistically, it is a tribute to Machinarium, an all-time favorite game of mine.

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Arthur Grondine 22 June 2022
Love it! Machinarium was a great game!!
Genti Nika 22 June 2022
Great art for the new age!
Roberta Hudgins 24 June 2022
it's a robot with an old soul
Carla M. 28 June 2022
very nice!! <3
Nicole Larose 2 July 2022
Magnifique... encore!
Tee 16 July 2022
Speaks to your heart. Absolutely gorgeous art
Dia Helmy 19 July 2022
Always amazed by your creativity
david 13 December 2022
Like 99% of the stuff you do, FANTASTIC !