New York In The Dark


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  3 November 2012
Hurricane Sandy revealed the dark beauty of New York. I was inspired by photos taken at night during power outage, so  I re-created the atmosphere in this wallpaper. As always, Adobe Photoshop only - no photos have been manipulated. This wallpaper is very dark on purpose - best viewed with lights dimmed or turned off.

Leo Lapousterle  ·  3 November 2012
I agree : This power outage was impressive in the city that never sleeps...

Brian   ·  3 November 2012
Vlad- your work is so awesome...all I have to say is please continue your great work! You are one of a kind.

Solorchid  ·  3 November 2012
it's an awesome work!!!!!it reminds me of how tiny human beings are in front of the gorgeous natural. But just to remind that New York is not the only city suffered from the hurricane. Best wishes to all those who are suffering from the hurricane now ~~~

Evan Morse  ·  4 November 2012
Finding beauty from a disaster takes compassion and talent. This is a really great wallpaper, Vlad!

Kunsil Lee  ·  4 November 2012

Someone  ·  5 November 2012
Awesome. Please continue to make wallpapers.

JO, OKLAHOMA CITY   ·  7 November 2012

vasam  ·  9 November 2012
Awesome wallpaper and I'd like to use it as my Facebook cover but it says that image is missing

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  10 November 2012
vasam: fixed!

Im :)  ·  10 November 2012
LOVE IT!!! Not a fan of the standard NY skyline stuff but this is something different altogether :)

vasam  ·  14 November 2012
Vlad Gerasimov: thank you!

Namaskar  ·  23 November 2012
Beautiful tribute to all my relatives & friends in NY & NJ... some STILL without power.

Hedgehog  ·  18 January 2013
It's my style.I love it,

tarsis Herchocvitch ribeiro  ·  7 July 2013
adoro new york e em desenho ficou ainda mais linda

Peeyush  ·  10 October 2014

JM  ·  5 November 2014
This is one of the very few wallpapers that I actually find PEACE from it. Thank you. :)

Jamie Tabon  ·  24 June 2015
This is high quality work Vlad I found the right WB to compliment it TY for your time and efforts.

MILUSKA  ·  24 July 2015
good ,

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