NOEL New Year Wallpaper


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  17 April 2004
this is  my attempt to bring the spirit of x-mas joy and fun to your desktop! Merry X-Mas and happy new year to everybody!

Hans   ·  long ago

wangzvq   ·  long ago
i like this one very much!

Philip aka Jazzman   ·  long ago
GREAT this is what Christmas is all about making people happy with cheerfull scenes (Y)

Barbara   ·  long ago
Love your work!:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) (Y)(Y)(Y)(Y) Thank you

Vlad Gerasimov   ·  long ago
2 koe kto: это не недоделка, это худжестванный прием :)

Koekto   ·  long ago
Единственная проблема, тень от ёлки (нижняя часть) выглядит странновато, недоделка вроде как?

中国人   ·  long ago

I translate:   ·  long ago

  ·  long ago
ps, i also mean that....hehe ;-)

cicada   ·  long ago
Тооолкова е красив!

Very Good! thanks!   ·  long ago
Happy Chrismas!

A.G. - Portugal   ·  long ago
É Muito bonito!...

  ·  long ago

necati aydın   ·  long ago
very good thanks all wallpapers please more

sfty   ·  long ago
damn nice gfx skills! ..much respect from my side.

É, simplesmente, fantá  ·  long ago
Assim vale a pena navegar na net!

aca  ·  long ago
:-) i like X-mas

JusT Marco  ·  long ago
i like it so so much

square sunshine  ·  long ago
Your artwork is simply gorgeous. You have a wonderful talent :-)

andrew  ·  long ago
you are incredibly gifted, i am in awe

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