Procrastination (Color 2)

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  26 February 2018
(Lighter version of previous wallpaper) In this work, I wanted to raise important questions of the destructive influence of social networks... but eh, I'd rather scroll my Facebook feed just a bit more! For V.

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Kelcey  ·  26 February 2018
Thoughtful and beautiful

Martin Fn Golej  ·  4 March 2018
Hey Vlad! I was just procrastinating when a though of visiting your site occurred to me... Happy to see new content, i hope you are doing well ;) Fn o/

joshuapaulhebert  ·  12 October 2018
Your artwork always makes me smile.

Jeff  ·  19 August
What an Uncreative background. It's just fucking beige with a sloth. Overrated, fuck your niggerish site. Whoever designed this is a massive faggot.

Nidhin Sathyan  ·  17 September
Its very good for my PC

Aks  ·  1 October
I LOVE IT!!!!! So perfect and simple

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