Robots In Love

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Vlad Gerasimov 5 February 2012
This wallpaper has been inspired by many completely different things, including (but not limited to) coming Valentine's day, Machinarium game, Marvin the Paranoid Android, The Gift picture by StarZEE, and more. I encourage you to send it  as e-card to the one you love! :-) You can do  it from this page. Thanks!
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Kelcey 5 February 2012
Awesome as always:)
Martin Stružský 5 February 2012
Oh my God! Awesome wallpaper once more again. :-) I'm also pleased that you know machinarium… 8-)
Philip 5 February 2012
Aw it's cute! But the guy robot looks kinda sad - wouldn't he be happier if he was giving a flower to his love?
Vlad Gerasimov 5 February 2012
Philip: he is not sad, he is shy!
tamalita 5 February 2012
fabulous! thank you!
Vida Hernaus 5 February 2012
Awesome!! :)
Patricia Torick 6 February 2012
OMG adorable!
Leo L. 6 February 2012
I love the red light in the background, that's so cute :) Thanks !
Kami 6 February 2012
Thanks for the wallpaper, of course! But also thanks for the idea to check out Machinarium. I'd never heard of it before and it's great! Besides, anything by a design studio called "Amanita Design" has to be good...
Jeremy 8 February 2012
It's great! I love the Machinarium feel to it. Any chance you would consider doing a release with just the background, and none of the foreground elements? :)
Benno Dreißig 8 February 2012
Hi, I gimped a crappy and sad version out of this to explain my idea. I would appreciate to have such a sad version. Please give it a thought. :)
CJ 8 February 2012
Vlad, any way you could make a version of this with 2 guy robots?
Joan 9 February 2012
Could you make a Mac OS icon out of the little robots please??? I think they would be great to use
Kerner 11 February 2012
Nice =) but the streetlight should be in green.
Mofidi 14 February 2012
NICE NICE NICE!,,, as always I enjoyed!
Andrea 16 February 2012
beautiful :-)
Jennifer Abel 19 February 2012
I haven't been here in years, but as soon as I ran across this on another website, I immediately recognized it as your work. You are so original and so talented. I am so glad that you are still actively creating wallpapers. It really warms my heart. I am glad that I became a member so very many years ago (2004?). It was totally worth it. I am happy to have rediscovered your talent and your papers shall adorn my wall once again. Bravo, Vlad! Cheers, Jenn
Erick 25 February 2012
Your work is truly amazing. Thank you for creating these beautiful pieces of art.
LianTze 5 April 2012
Machinarium is a beautiful game. Love your interpretation of the robot couple. :)
Joss Terrell 6 May 2012
Wow! The picture is fantastic, but I appreciate it so much more when I see the video of it being made! That is so much more work than I thought went into a picture like this. Thanks for your time and effort Vlad :)
Jing 27 June 2012
Even the tough ones have feelings, too.
双子 3 August 2012
DawnF 4 January 2013
Amazing! Fantastic job!
Ольга 28 November 2013
Does anybody has problem with time at this wallpaper? It shows me the right date, but the wrong time - dunno why
Tatiana 31 January 2014
Irene 29 March 2014
I love this.. but the clock in mine doesn't work :( any fixes? Thanks!
Anita 13 May 2014
I subscribed BECAUSE of this one wallpaper!! (Well I've always loved Vlad's work anyway) :D
Eric Davelaar 24 September 2014
I fell in love with this wallpaper at first sight! Only one problem, the clock does not adjust to my timezone (GMT-4) (I tried GT Blue and that did adjust) I will leave it on anyway, that's how much i like it. great work, thanks!
ollylove 14 July 2016
it's so cute, but unfortunately it doesn't show my current time.. it says it's 14.30, while it is actually 09.30.. and it's the only wallpaper wrong, all the others are fine.. any idea how to fix the problem??..
Kavalik Petr 19 September 2017
@:ollylove Compare .ini files from other .wcz clocks like Broken and Traveler and just update/change last parts of .ini file so it looks like in those clocks. Should help.
Jaideep Nadkarni 1 December 2017
Crxss 10 November 2019
sweet art
smallscorpion 7 November 2020
so cute
Pam 5 July 2022
❤ Awww I love it !!
Glay 4 January 2023
Poétique, humour, clin d'oeil, j'adore