Solar System (No text)

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Vlad Gerasimov 5 August 2007
Space is one of the topics I find very inspiring to illustrate. Here is  my vision of solar system. All proportions are very approximate! :-) There is also similar wallpaper with text - please see Previous wallpaper.

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Ina long ago
Your works are owesome! I'm a great fan of graphic design and illustration. I really love your wallpaper and your site! I think you really good at colours, composition, and lay out! Where did you study?
naughty guy long ago
hi ........... its very nic pic.. and lvly..
alina long ago
Jaideep long ago
Our family-tree
Kestas long ago
Gorgeous :) Keep up the good work!
Michel long ago
Everything turns around the sun. Great work. very nice.
ReZe long ago
pete long ago
Ribbot long ago
Dave long ago
Excellent work Vlad. So happy to see Pluto made it!
Vlad Gerasimov long ago
Ina: thank you! I studied at Economic Academy, so I am certified economist ;-) Never helped me though.
Cynthia long ago
I like it! nice and very impresive. Great work!
Marija 10 January 2008
It's so beautifuuulllll Vlad,thanks to You
:: saathiyaana : 14 April 2008
so sunny so stunning..!!
amitvg 24 November 2008
very nice work.
Gladys 13 January 2009
My 3rd grade students just finished studying the solar system and like to name the planets. They want me to tell you that Pluto is a dwarf planet now. Thanks for sharing your wonderful work.
sasha 16 February 2009
I saw this somewhere already. Isn't it copied?
David Brenner 19 May 2009
Excellent artwork. I have started to look at your work in neg art or high contrast (ctrl-option-cmd+8 on a mac) and I notice more detail especially in dark pictures. In this one particularly I noticed you even added the radial shadows behind the planets — very impressive! I love the attention to detail : )
ittah 18 March 2011
so hard to download that picture, i'm getting tired to wait it