Somewhere 2

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  26 June 2006
another tribute to space art.

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Chussman  ·  long ago

SRI  ·  long ago
Da`te`n pula mea de Hotz, puti a kkt.

SAVYA  ·  long ago

divya  ·  long ago
Wow ,Extraordinary.

saad  ·  long ago

bino  ·  long ago
It's Tight!

Shy Ted  ·  long ago
: - ) BRILLIANT!!!!!

Bigfoot  ·  long ago
Is coolio - (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) Though i think i like the first one better.

Jenna  ·  long ago
I love your work, thankyou for sharing it with us. One day you should come to New Zealand - our landscape and culture is very inspirational for creative design.

Magie  ·  long ago
OOh NICE!!!!! (Y) love it!

jojo  ·  long ago
superb work man a bit more fiery planetwould be kool&a bit diffused rays

Howie  ·  long ago
BEAUTY !!! :-D

scott  ·  long ago
Did you paint the nebula yourself?

Arem  ·  long ago
:-Oooo pretty... :-D

Merkoth  ·  long ago
Impressive. Some "added" sparks don't look very nice, but it might be caused because I'm looking at the low-res version. Dunno how, but I'll try to register ASAP :-P Nice work Vlad (Y)

son  ·  long ago
i like this

kahi  ·  long ago
great work, but a tutorial / how-to about this wallpaper would be great as well :)

jade  ·  long ago
It speaks of more than simply "space art" to is beautiful are the bodies being drawn into or expelled from the light? Thanx again Vlad

marcus  ·  long ago
We go, where no one has gone before . . . ;-)

Bigred  ·  long ago
W O W !

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