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Vlad Gerasimov  ·  15 February 2011
A modification of  my earlier work, Typographic World Map, with night colors and city lights, inspired by Earth at Night by NASA.

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LucasDT  ·  16 February 2011
Meh... without the lights it's just your previous wallpaper with a color substitution

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  16 February 2011
LucasDT: it actually is (as I wrote in description). The version with city lights might look to busy for some people, so I published simpler version as well.

George  ·  16 February 2011
Nice one Lucas... I think this looks great Vlad, I really like the moodier tone.

Heidi  ·  16 February 2011
I really liked the beige version of this, but blue fits so much better to my Windows theme. Thank you for this and the night version. They're beautiful. :)

blackholesunn  ·  17 February 2011
awesome - it`s like the typographic world map has gone cloudmade/osm midnight commander style

Brad  ·  17 February 2011
Love it. I just wish the 1080 versions weren't cropped so severely.

Anahid  ·  20 February 2011
Like it!

Erik Smith  ·  7 March 2011

hafez  ·  8 October 2011

Marcel Claxton  ·  7 December 2011
Yeah, it's nice (and a lot of work!), but I do always feel slighted when Eritrea is not properly recognized on a map, having lived and worked there and all. Oh well, minor thing I guess as no Eritrean will ever see it anyway.

Chang  ·  19 December 2011

Radek  ·  20 October 2012
Please note that we have now two Sudans - North Sudan and South Sudan :)

Lenard Bass  ·  14 June 2016
Sir a little help. Prob a SIMPLE question...but I have (6) 2 down, 3 across monitors. ASUS with 1920 x 1080 res. So what is your recommendation for covering all 6 with your beautiful art! also...i can dr it up if I have the abode file as I am a premium member...just don't see the download for it...excuse the stupidity for a probable obvious solution. dead tired from a guy with a brain tumor...seriously! thanks in advance!

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