Typographic World Map (Dark)

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Vlad Gerasimov 15 February 2011
A modification of  my earlier work, Typographic World Map, with night colors and city lights, inspired by Earth at Night by NASA.
LucasDT 15 February 2011
Meh... without the lights it's just your previous wallpaper with a color substitution
Vlad Gerasimov 16 February 2011
LucasDT: it actually is (as I wrote in description). The version with city lights might look to busy for some people, so I published simpler version as well.
George 16 February 2011
Nice one Lucas... I think this looks great Vlad, I really like the moodier tone.
Heidi 16 February 2011
I really liked the beige version of this, but blue fits so much better to my Windows theme. Thank you for this and the night version. They're beautiful. :)
blackholesunn 16 February 2011
awesome - it`s like the typographic world map has gone cloudmade/osm midnight commander style
Brad 17 February 2011
Love it. I just wish the 1080 versions weren't cropped so severely.
Anahid 19 February 2011
Like it!
Erik Smith 7 March 2011
hafez 7 October 2011
Marcel Claxton 7 December 2011
Yeah, it's nice (and a lot of work!), but I do always feel slighted when Eritrea is not properly recognized on a map, having lived and worked there and all. Oh well, minor thing I guess as no Eritrean will ever see it anyway.
Chang 19 December 2011
Radek 19 October 2012
Please note that we have now two Sudans - North Sudan and South Sudan :)
Lenard Bass 14 June 2016
Sir a little help. Prob a SIMPLE question...but I have (6) 2 down, 3 across monitors. ASUS with 1920 x 1080 res. So what is your recommendation for covering all 6 with your beautiful art! also...i can dr it up if I have the abode file as I am a premium member...just don't see the download for it...excuse the stupidity for a probable obvious solution. dead tired from a guy with a brain tumor...seriously! thanks in advance!
Hanson 21 December 2019
exod 1 April 2020
こんにちは。 パワハラ指切断でおなじみのド屑県香川のド屑企業フジフーヅでございます。 裁判も会社ぐるみで偽証をして無事乗り切ったド屑でございます。 餃子シュウマイなどをスーパーで販売しております。 店頭で見かけましたらそのときはご購入のほどどうかよろしくお願い致します。
exod 11 April 2020
こんにちは。 パワハラ指切断でおなじみのド屑県香川のド屑企業フジフーヅでございます。 裁判も会社ぐるみで偽証をして無事乗り切ったド屑でございます。 餃子シュウマイなどをスーパーで販売しております。 店頭で見かけましたらそのときはご購入のほどどうかよろしくお願い致します。
Meamo 13 April 2020
香川県さぬき市ルーちゃん餃子のフジフーヅは入ったばかりのバイトにパワハラの末指切断の大けがを負わせた犯罪企業.中卒オヤジ岸下守の犯行. 裁判で偽証したため会社は潰れました. 無害な一般人を装うために必死でいろいろやってますが、こいつです. https://www.google.com/maps/contrib/108033289100860086931/photos/@34.2633136,134.2139192,14z/data=!4m3!8m2!3m1!1e1?
wafi 13 September 2020
Nice one Lucas
Hison 30 June 2021
I fell in love with it when I first saw it

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