Typographic World Map (Night)


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Vlad Gerasimov 15 February 2011
A modification of  my earlier work, Typographic World Map, with night colors and city lights, inspired by Earth at Night by NASA.
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LucasDT 15 February 2011
It works
Sedma 15 February 2011
Few days ago my good old CRT monitor died after 10 years of serving. Now I'm sad because I won't be able to use any of your wallpapers because wallpapers for the resolution of my new monitor are not free. I use them even before you had vladstudio site. And now it's over :( At least I' can play jigsaw puzzle :). Thank you so much for make them.
Adam Noble 15 February 2011
This is a beautiful re-imagining of your previous wallpaper Vlad. I love it! I do have one problem though. I use the 2560 x 1024 wallpaper, and I'm a bit sad that the top and the bottom of the map had to be cut off to make it fit. Your work here is stunning, it's just a shame I can't enjoy all of it. :(
Jorge 15 February 2011
Alberto Rodriguez 15 February 2011
Imagining that the single light in the island of Puerto Rico (Caribbean) is me. Hola from here and Gracias for all the beautiful work.
Kelcey 15 February 2011
Beyond Awesome
Vlad Gerasimov 16 February 2011
Adam Noble: sorry but I cannot fit world map into 2560x1024 proportion. Thanks.
Vida Hernaus 16 February 2011
simply love it! :)
Oziel 17 February 2011
In that case, why another version of "Palantir" or "Ornamental" who seems to me to be, if I may allow myself, two more beautiful works among so many others. Thank you still for the love which you pass on to us through your works. Good continuation bro'.
Vit Svarc 17 February 2011
Sedma - So do what the others do - register! It is not so big amount of money...
stan 17 February 2011
i simply love your work....
Sergio Alejandro Sotomayor Esquinca 18 February 2011
Bodlinka 18 February 2011
Very nice. Could you please make a variation only with the lilghts? They are so beatyful, but the names are disturbing. Thanks. I love your works here.
abdalrhman 26 February 2011
صورة روعة جميلة جدا فى الحقيقة
Steph 31 March 2011
I Love It! You should do a world map that shows half of the world dark and the other half in the day time. (the way night and day really travel along the earths surface)
mansour bakhiet 13 April 2011
hay Sudan is there too. thats cool.
Eric 18 April 2011
Really cool
Lau 11 June 2011
Guatemala is missing!
Lukasz Madej 12 September 2011
Here comes my new desktop Wallpaper...
Franchesca Nixon 5 October 2011
Hey Vlad keep up the good work, your site is always a bright sunny place to come and see whats new,
June 25 November 2011
It's beautiful. But is there any meaning to the lights? i.e. does it variate with the number of user, etc?
Albert Kinng 18 June 2012
I'm so glad to be a supporter of Vladstudio. Love the art and the quality. So many years dressing my Macs. Keep the good work!
Vlad Gerasimov 19 June 2012
Albert Kinng - thanks, I really appreciate that! June - the lights are taken from NASA's Earth city lights photo, as a reference. Thanks
Toffstier 8 August 2012
Can we get a version with "Amercia" instead of USA ? :) Yep, America.
Chris Roflo 20 October 2012
Cant download the pic
Brian 8 November 2012
It won't open on Macs
joaquim leite 27 December 2012
Can someone explaine to me how can I put this wallpaper working?
Rosalie 30 January 2013
Do you think you could make a rainbow version of this, keeping the lights, please?
Dj.Coffe Iwn 18 March 2013
Top, thanks
Fred 7 July 2013
We really would love to have this in the red version as a Vector file. Can you help us with that? Thanks
Vlad Gerasimov 7 July 2013
Fred - please contact me directly using Contact form. Thanks.
ran 19 September 2013
Angela 2 January 2014
Nice! Thank you for this!
Ritwick 10 October 2016
Hey Vlad, super wallpaper concept and execution as always. However I am from the North-Eastern part of India and you have left it blank instead of extending the name India to the seven states which make up the region. Also neighbouring Bangladesh is left out. So a bit sad but peace. Carry on the good work.
Hodede 10 January 2019