World Map - Upside Down


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  17 July 2009
I stumbled upon this kind of map in souvenir shop in New Zealand. I immediately fell in love with this idea! Because I love maps; and I love when things suddenly go upside down; and I love when familiar things get unexpected look! This artwork is designed with large printing in mind - it will look perfect as large poster! On smaller screens, all details might look too little though. I hope you will enjoy it! As always, created in Photoshop, with Wacom. Work duration: 12 hours precisely (non-stop :-).

Martin Stružský  ·  17 July 2009
Great idea, and I'm really pleased that I was the first one to know about this wallpaper from you. :-) Thanks!

Philippe  ·  17 July 2009
Waow! Excellent idea, and very nice work. Did you make the map? I love the way the coasts are "rounded"

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  17 July 2009
Philippe: yes I made the map indeed :-) I took real world map, flipped it and used for reference. I outlines continents, then added colors, shadows, textures, then added all texts, then little objects.

Missmath  ·  17 July 2009
Здравствуйте Влад, I was looking for such a map for quite a while, so thank you. Now that I see how you did, I don't know if I should dare a special request... it would ba a map rotated by 90°. Meridians would be parallels. I'm pretty sure nobody ever tried that ;-) Спасибо for your great work.

Oomu  ·  17 July 2009
I miss corsica... south of... hu I mean North of France.

Mario Fern  ·  17 July 2009
I hate that dotted lines! Make a version without them :(

Imagine Programming  ·  17 July 2009
Nice design, I like it that it's flipped over. I noticed the Netherlands on there too (Neth) well done! hehe.

Luke Sky Walker  ·  17 July 2009
Hi Vlad! I am a Kartograph. Where is Italy and Greece? Danemark is less smaller. But nice design. Next: Pegasus Galaxie??

Jo   ·  17 July 2009
Upside down - bah!!! I live in NZ - finally you have a map the correct way up!!!

Hai Binh Nguyen  ·  18 July 2009
you misspelt "VIET NAM" as "VITENAM"

Morgan  ·  18 July 2009
Ah the world right way up for once and Pacific-centric as it should be! :D

Fede  ·  18 July 2009
The original idea was from Joaquín Torres García in «América invertida» (1943). More info →

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  18 July 2009
Jo: good point! Hai Binh Nguyen: I knew I must make mistake somewhere! I'll fix it and upload new version. Fede: Thanks for the link, did not know that!

Matthew Long  ·  18 July 2009
Well done Vlad. It's really nice

Geoff Gilbert  ·  18 July 2009
Brilliant, but I see you believe that global warming will melt the Arctic soon?

Jeremy Kemp  ·  18 July 2009
I saw that map just a couple of weeks ago. I love it!

Ellen Olenska  ·  18 July 2009
Great idea, and good job, but Hungary is strange... And I miss Croatia!

Kris  ·  18 July 2009
I follow your work for quite some time. I can say I am a fan of your art. I love maps and I collect maps too, but this one... I don't know. I think it is a miss.. poor color choice, no debt in the expression... The 180-degree rotation is a good idea, but it is not enough.. something is missing. Hard to explain -maybe not possible at all- but I think you can do better than that. No offense, it is intended just a friendly advice.

JudiKaye  ·  18 July 2009
YIKES!! Vlad... This perspective is making me dizzy! I feel my world spinning... But it's FUN, like a carnival ride. :) Keep up your fine work. I enjoy it very much.

Νίκος  ·  19 July 2009
Wow, Russia looks BIG. Never realized it had a greater area than the European continent until now. (Actually it looks big on this map because of the projection: it's close to the pole.)

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