Where Jelly Beans Are Born


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Vlad Gerasimov 15 October 2009
I made this artwork by request, and it  is designed to match the new Where Smiles Are Born wallpaper (see next wallpaper in the gallery). Thanks!
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ward lanssens 17 October 2009
amazing work!
who 17 October 2009
ohwooo.. look at the jellybean on the center of screen,,, so cute!!
Ampit 18 October 2009
Beautiful. I like it very much. Thanks.
Kelcey 18 October 2009
This is so fantastic Vlad, I only wish it were real:)
Sweet ButterflyKisses 18 October 2009
I just love all of your wallpapers. It is hard to find a free wallpaper with such great colors and contrast. They are all bright and unique. I love them all.
betsey butler 18 October 2009
These 2 wallpapers remind me WHY I adore you.
Vlad Gerasimov 18 October 2009
Thanks :-):-)
Anna Maria Wallace 18 October 2009
Charming! You are a real Sweetie, Vlad, for making are desktops so happy! Thank you, anna
Sharon Robak 19 October 2009
Another winner Vlad - You ROCK!
George Mariot 19 October 2009
Parfait ! Comme d' abitude!!! Merci
Skyrider 19 October 2009
G'day Vlad, Another knockout Wallpaper my friend. It is becoming harder to choose a display for my Desktop. Good fortune always, mate. Cheers.
KatGo_83 19 October 2009
Случайно не доктором Хаусом навеяно?
Vlad Gerasimov 19 October 2009
KatGo_83: эээ, нет. Это, говорят, сериал такой, но я ни разу не видел его.
Gabriella Kanyo 19 October 2009
It's awesome, wonderful... the best thing for a monday morning!! Thanks!
Raum 20 October 2009
Its great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lui 21 October 2009
Need to Pay. Art became a comerce. What a peaty...
kat. 21 October 2009
looking at this is where my smile is born :)
Arthur Pustynin 21 October 2009
Мило, но не более. Соскучился по вашим обоям, которые действительно хочется ставить на рабочей стол, с мягкими нейтральными цветами...Вот как Quiet Night.
strggl4justice 24 October 2009
красотища :) вы - настоящий художник.
27 October 2009
amazzing keep it up!!!
melis:) 2 November 2009
resim süperr...sanırım eskiden sitede türkçe yoktu..şimdi süper
Plusia 5 November 2009
Carlos Sanchez 7 November 2009
I love this one! Anyone knows where can I find this garden?
Pierre-De-Lune98 12 November 2009
J'adore, c'est magnifique =D
Paty Lic 13 November 2009
Adorei! É exatamente assim que eu acho que elas nascem!!! Parabéns!!! Muito obrigada por criar e disponibilizar essas maravilhas!!!
Leah 18 November 2009
Vlad, you are very creative... I love your job.
KAM 22 November 2009
This is one of my favorite ones! The colors are great, and it is just so adorable.
nathy 23 November 2009
achei muito bacana esse tipo de trabalho, é bem diferente.
nathy 23 November 2009
muito bacana esse tipo de trabalho.
mariela 2 December 2009
wow! good(*--*)
Tan Boon Siang 3 December 2009
Vlad, that is FUNtastic!!! cheers!!!
Anna 8 December 2009
HA one is smiling!! <3 it
Dork4 12 December 2009
Köszi szépen a munkád! Nagyon szépek! sokszor látogatlak!
Bob 22 December 2009
I love jelly-beans! Now I know where they come from! --<-@
25 December 2009
Love it! Merry Christmas and a have a happy new year'
Marianna 25 December 2009
thats really awesome vlad! keep up the good work!
ghosty 1 January 2010
you're a genious! just amazing. respect :D trying to follow some of your tuts. thanks a lot.
liz 2 January 2010
gracias, tus dibujos nos armonizan el espititu ....
skeptic001 3 January 2010
hi, great work. i'm spending so much time playing with your art work that i'm neglecting my chores. thanks for all the free stuff.
Vallie Lynn Rojas 8 January 2010
These have such beautiful colors,I always love Vlad,great work,Vallie
Lilly 15 January 2010
Thank God i didn't need to pay because that was a relief plus i love purple
Ica 15 January 2010
where's the picture
Gunta 12 February 2010
Thanks for wonderful art! My favorite so far is the Cheshire Cat, but now I will enjoy the jelly beans for a while :-) Greeting from Riga, Latvia!
12 February 2010
Its great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pattyak 12 February 2010
Love it. Better than a good job, a great job on it.
deborah Connally Cornell 14 February 2010
patty 19 March 2010
este em encanta me da sensacion de felicidad
2 April 2010
Diane 1 May 2010
Absolutely LOVE this wallpaper!
aried 29 June 2010
có môi mình tớ là người VN sao?
Nidhi 1 November 2010
Some Chick on your website that you don\'t know 9 January 2011
I <3 this wallpaper sooo creative.
zoe 25 June 2011
este dibujo es guapiiiiiiiiiisimooo no lo soporto , tengo ... tengooo .... ya se tengo que mponermelo como fondo de pantaya . soy una chica me llamo zoe y soy muy guappa . vusco noviete soy española
Susanne Schulze 12 February 2012
Just love it. And lilac is my fav colour. THX! :-)
Spolve 12 October 2012
Very fun! yes,this real!
WinterRose 2 November 2012
Love it !!!
sarasara 9 January 2013
WOW !! i love it
riya 15 March 2016
Pam 18 December 2022
Oh My I ❤ this one .. Thank you