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Vlad Gerasimov  ·  16 October 2010
I made this wallpaper to promote my first illustrated book for children, Who Stole The Moon?. Take a look and pre-order at whostolethemoon.com!

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Nicola Zaghen  ·  16 October 2010
looks beautiful! will be my wallpaper for next week :D

Татьяна, Украина  ·  16 October 2010
Влад, просто великолепно! Такая красота! Просмотрела картинки на офиц. сайте книги.. С удовольствием сама бы почитала *) Теперь вот сомнения одолевают на каком языке заказывать книгу - Англ. или Русском?!

Daniele Mambelli  ·  16 October 2010
Beautiful wallpaper and I think book is great! I wish I was a children ;)

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  16 October 2010
Татьяна - какие проблемы? Берите обе! :-)

Minh Vu  ·  16 October 2010
Lovely wallpaper, big fan. Keep up the fantastic work

Vida Hernaus  ·  16 October 2010
looks fantastic! :)

Ray  ·  16 October 2010
Finally something colourful and shiny to put on the desktop :) Keep them coming :)

James Egli  ·  16 October 2010
Thank you, Vlad! It\'s beautiful and the book looks wonderful!!

Ola  ·  17 October 2010
Lovely wallpaper, but some people know who stole the moon ;) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Two_Who_Stole_the_Moon

Vic  ·  17 October 2010
Great! are you gonna do any more halloween ones?

Nick Khomchuk  ·  17 October 2010
Влад, ну это же понятно кто украл луну! http://www.vladstudio.com/wallpaper/?theystolethemoon3/ XD

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  18 October 2010
Nick: ага! Именно по этой работе меня нашла автор сказки.

stan  ·  18 October 2010
I want a wallpaper how fox stolen the moon!!! It is the perfect wonderfull picture!! I want it, i need it!! Vlad you really have to create a wallpaper with this picture, pleaaaaaaassssseeee. (http://www.whostolethemoon.com/page.php?p=look&image=9)

  ·  19 October 2010
Nice work as always. The fox as a possible moon thieve would be nice as well. ;)

Amitabha  ·  19 October 2010
I can't see this wallpaper but all of the others. Why? Can you give me the 1920X1440 link to me directly?Thank you very much.

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  19 October 2010
Amitabha: it well for me! Not sure what could go wrong.

fox  ·  19 October 2010
The fox as thieve is really excelent!!

Светлана Калинина  ·  20 October 2010
Отличная картинка, и самый прекрасный подарок для дочки! Влад, ты точно волшебник! :)))

Kade  ·  21 October 2010
i like it. Thanks so much.

michal  ·  26 October 2010
Vlad the fox with moon in its mouth is excelent. This picture as wallpaper is really good idea.

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