The World Map of Small Towns


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  23 January 2010
I got the idea of this map during my recent flight from Moscow to New York. The screen in front of  me was showing flight route, including names of towns below our current location, changing quickly, as  we were flying above Europe. This made me think - on all maps (except very detailed ones), you will meet the same set of cities - mostly capitals. This artwork is about all small towns that remain unnoticed by casual viewers of world maps. I only included towns names, and not everything else, it was intentional - country borders, rivers, most lakes, etc. I was even considering deleting the border between oceans and earth, but then decided to keep it :-) I used Google Maps as source of information. Obviously, I had to pick small towns randomly, because I had to make text large enough to  be readable on computer screen. So  if you live in  a small town, but it  is not listed on this map, please please please do not request to add it :-) This artwork may look too busy, because it  is more suited for large-sized printing. I will work on publishing it  to as many sources as  I can. Please watch this page for updates if you want to get it printed, or contact me. The wallpaper version of artwork is cropped (sorry, Alaska!) to better fit 16:9 and 4:3 monitors. The original artwork is not cropped, and so will be the prints. The map is not accurate, and is not meant to  be so. All shapes and locations are approximate. It took about a week to complete the map (2-3 hours each day). If  I may, I dedicate this map to Antoine de Saint Exupéry. Enjoy! Thanks for viewing!

Marto  ·  23 January 2010
How much time did it take you? :)

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  23 January 2010
Marto - as I wrote, it took about a week to complete the map (2-3 hours each day).

Cristina  ·  23 January 2010
I love it!!! Can you do it without the names?? I like the "canvas-like" world (does it make sense?) Keep on goin' :)

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  23 January 2010
Cristina: ooh. I'm afraid the whole meaning of this work was in these names. I see what you mean but I just put so much effort into names that I'd like to keep them for a while :-)

Tim  ·  23 January 2010
For your next map project can you do one where each country is labeled in the country's own language? For example, United States, España, Nihon (Japan), etc. even cooler would be using kanji for Japan and other countries like that.

Ewa  ·  23 January 2010
I don't see Olsztyn

Flo  ·  23 January 2010
Where is Przemyśl?

Barbara  ·  23 January 2010
I love it! Very touching to see place names that are otherwise overlooked by all but nearby residents.

Orkydee  ·  23 January 2010
Great job!!!!!

Azhar Chougle  ·  23 January 2010
Wow. Kudos on the effort, thought-provoking on the art side of it.

Kelli  ·  23 January 2010
This is fabulous! How neat to see the names of teeny tiny little places on a map. I love it!!!!!

jamy015  ·  23 January 2010
In the Netherlands there's only Heerenveen, lol :) But really, great work!

Carl Willetts  ·  23 January 2010
Nice work Vlad. Any chance of the map without the text please?

Carl Willetts  ·  23 January 2010
Without the names you could call it 'The World Map of No Towns.'

LucasDT  ·  24 January 2010
In Argentina, "Rio Gallegos" and "Ushuaia" are province capitals, so they are not small towns per se... on top of that, Ushuaia is the southest city in the world.

Heikki  ·  24 January 2010
I think that finnish village Yli-Li shoud be Yli-ii (Yli-Ii). In Lappland there's lot of places called Yli-something and Ala-something. Yli and Ala means above and bottom. In the between of yli and ala there's just "something" :D Great work.

Graeme Wood  ·  24 January 2010
If you look closely, just south of Ucluelet, you'll see me waving!

Jelle Bonnema  ·  24 January 2010
Heerenveen! awesome :)

csoti  ·  24 January 2010
Great work! Unfortunately i didn`t find any town from Hungary...

Aziel  ·  24 January 2010
So sad ! I don't see Epinay Sur Seine in France. But well work.

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