Christmas Dragon

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Vlad Gerasimov 24 December 2011
Last minute wallpaper to celebrate Christmas and New Year! Ho  ho ho! Update: Here is the short making of video:
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AudForrest 24 December 2011
... absolutely beautiful! Merry Christmas to you & your family from Scotland!
Terry Klewicki 24 December 2011
I have no idea how you can keep creating awesome art like this, but I'm glad you do it! Have a happy holiday season!
Vlad Gerasimov 24 December 2011
Thanks! Thanks!
Anar Quliyev(from Azerbaijan) 24 December 2011
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!
Vida Hernaus 25 December 2011
I ran out of words for your wonderful creations... so I'm only gonna say Happy Holidays to you and the people you love! :)
Erwin 25 December 2011
It looks like magic and it is great that you share your gift with the world! Happy new year!
Suzanne 26 December 2011
As usual beautiful and magical creations - very special and a delight to all who see them - a very Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.
dims 26 December 2011
just magical... and somehow cosy
valentina 26 December 2011
amazing <3 bravo!!
Mike Rai 26 December 2011
Awesome!! Your work is really beautiful.
PAU 26 December 2011
felicidades desde mexico, el mejor de los trineos 2 seres fantàsticos unidos en un hermoso momento MERRY CHRISTMATS FROM MEXICO THE MOTS WONDERFUL SLEIGH OF ALL, TWO FANTASTIC BEINGS, JOINED IN A BEAUTIFUL MOMENT
Stefan 27 December 2011
You keep astounding me. Thank you!
Adei 27 December 2011
Wonderful! How much coffee do you drink, when you're making wallpapers? :) I like pictures like this - quiet, almost empty. They are great as wallpaper, cause then I can see my icons.
Vlad Gerasimov 27 December 2011
Adei: how did you know I drink lots of coffee? It was not recorded anywhere :-)
stanislava kelemenova 28 December 2011
I love it, I love your work!
Mariya K-W 28 December 2011
You continue to amaze... <3
Adei 28 December 2011
Hmh, it's thanks to my magic skills. ;) Honestly, it's just obvious, that all people, who make such great works, have to drink this brown and fragrant helper in not-sleeping-with-head-on-the-desk.
Annie 29 December 2011
Absolutely gorgeous. I love the little santa gloves!
Barry O'Farrell 31 December 2011
Happy New Year, Vlad. My granddaughter and I share a great appreciation for your work.
Kasia 1 January 2012
Your work is really awesome! I like your wallpapers, they're special - thanks for creating so wonderful pictures! And greetings from Warsaw!
สมบูรณ์ boy ^_^ 3 January 2012
Murat USTUNTAS 3 January 2012
Incredible.. Very amazing work.. Thanks.
filip 4 January 2012
I love this one so much. It is amazing. And I totaly love shoes of the dragon! :D
Tusnelda 6 January 2012
Just found it, although a bit late.......Wonderful! Happy New Year from Canada & Thank you, Vlad!
Gamer 8 January 2012
Uh Vlad are you a Skyrim fan? This is basically a rip off of Bethesda's Chrimstas card. A good rip off but still...
filip 8 January 2012
Hi Vlad, could I have a question? How long did you make this wallpaper?
Vlad Gerasimov 9 January 2012
Gamer: I dont know what Skyrim is. I did not say the idea is too original - however, I did not use anything for reference. filip: it took a bit more than an hour. Thanks!
hydrarulz 11 January 2012
cat de original e wallpaper-ul asta give credit to where is due next time
Vlad Gerasimov 11 January 2012
hydrarulz: thanks, I was already notified the similar wallpaper exists. Too bad it was after I published my version, not before. Should I give credit to artworks I have not seen?
Jason 14 January 2012
2012 is the "Dragon's Year" in China, this one is just an ingenious combination of the X'mas and the traditional Chinese new year! Bravo!
Gamer 18 January 2012
I was wrong to assume everyone knew about Skyrim. Even though this isn't Skyrim related I'm thrilled you made it, I tried using the Bethesda one as my wallpaper and it looked like crap. Thanks Vlad this is your best wallpaper ever, I'm just going to pretend it's Alduin. :D P.S. Look into Skyrim, it's the best video game ever. Just don't addicted and stop making wallpapers.
stanislava kelemenova 20 January 2012
I think that Vlad's wallpaper is quite different and incredible better than hydrarulz show in that website. This one is one of my the most favourite at all :)
007 22 February 2012
That is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eduardo 25 March 2012
Eu gostei muito do video
Vedrana 20 December 2012
Love your designs! So warm, magical, deep. Lovely! :D
ebola 26 August 2019
what a nice work!thank you !