Christmas Popup Book

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Vlad Gerasimov 21 December 2021
2021 has not been easy year at all. And I believe this is true for unusually many people around the world. However, exactly because of that, bringing a bit more of Christmas mood to your (and my) monitors is especially important. Having said that - Ho-Ho-Ho! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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Luis 21 December 2021
Shane 21 December 2021
Your style is forever delightful -- thanks for the art!
Pam 21 December 2021
I love this Vlad. Thank you for sharing your time, work and talent. Happy Holidays to You and Yours !!
Zevknobia 21 December 2021
Very fine! ;)
Bernadette G 21 December 2021
My grandmother LOVES Christmas pop up books and I have a bunch of hers. This has so much meaning!! Thank you!!
Vlad Gerasimov 21 December 2021
Bernadette - oh great! I did not put as much meaning intentionally, but I'm happy it is there :-)
ada augusta 21 December 2021
Thank you, you are awesome! Spasibo!
Geoff 22 December 2021
I love the humour in this. And I always love the desktops with books in them
Sheila 22 December 2021
Happy and Playful. Thanks
sandoristi 22 December 2021
Nice, as all your works!
Kelcey 22 December 2021
Christmas wallpaper - yay! Your work is always so delightfully surprising :)
Darrin Wan 22 December 2021
Vlad, as a long time supporter, you still amaze me with your creativity. Thank you so very much and Merry Christmas.
Roberta Hudgins 22 December 2021
I was hoping for a new Christmas one. Very whimsical. Thank you and Buon Natale.
Steven Forster 24 December 2021
Brilliant as always, thanks Vlad. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
Tee wood 24 December 2021
Loved it, Merry Xmas !
Kolapo 26 December 2021
Maureen L Wilson 29 December 2021
Love Love Love, Thank you
You are simply a great. Thanks for Your works, so beautyfull, so cool !
worrok 15 May
so great!