Air Lines

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  17 January 2008
I am lucky to live in times when airplanes have already been invented. I enjoy traveling, and it would not be possible (or at least as easy) without airplane industry. So, this wallpaper is  a dedication to those who all who makes flights possible: inventors, constructors, pilots, air traffic control officers, and stewardesses!

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Michael TIghe  ·  17 January 2008
Can you start making iPhone-sized wallpapers? (480X320)

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  17 January 2008
Michael: please click DOWNLOAD FOR MOBILE PHONE button, and from list of sizes, select 320x480. Thanks!

Clark Fleischauer  ·  17 January 2008
Great detail.Very nice as usual vlad.

TSiRKO  ·  17 January 2008
just wow

Markus  ·  17 January 2008
Great wallpaper, nice tones and great details. :)

Saianth  ·  17 January 2008
Awesome ..Iam an aeronautical engineer myself .... i have been seeing urs for last 3-4 years .... i have to say this ones for me :) :)

Trotamundo Venezuela  ·  17 January 2008
Muy bueno

Marko  ·  17 January 2008
A masterpiece! :)

Pascal Bourque  ·  18 January 2008
This is definitely my new favorite wallpaper from you, Vlad! It has just replaced the Music Eater, which had been on my desktop for a while now. Keep up the great work! :-)

Raquel  ·  18 January 2008
I loved!!!!! but where is Brazil?? :(

Karin  ·  18 January 2008
That´s it! Thanks so much from a flight operation control officer in Germany. I love your work. Karin

feng shaun  ·  18 January 2008

maneli  ·  18 January 2008
very nice!!! but why there is no flight to Tehran????:(

Michelle  ·  18 January 2008
love this one Vlad, but again you've left Australia our :(

HeeeeHaaaaaa  ·  18 January 2008
Awesome wallpaper.

LucasDT  ·  18 January 2008
The blue color always works. Great work with the shadows of the planes and routes. I like the effect of the light beam at both sides of the Earth. Really nice one.

AMPIT  ·  18 January 2008
I love travel as well and I love the beutiful `planes caming out of the earth following thier own routes. Wondewrful as allways. Thanks once more.

beata  ·  18 January 2008
I loove this colour! Thank You :)

Christina  ·  18 January 2008
i clicked on the free download one but it wont let me right click?

Christina  ·  18 January 2008
Double post but its not the site it my computer sorry. Love your work by the way!

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