Air Lines 2

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Vlad Gerasimov 19 January 2008
A variation of previous wallpaper, with slightly different colors.
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Michael 19 January 2008
Superb!!! I love it!
Cindy 19 January 2008
I love the Air Lines 2 ! I enjoy your wallpapers so much.
Milica 19 January 2008
Simply beautiful. :)
Baptman 19 January 2008
Really amazing ! It's one more time a wonderful wallpaper ! You're really creative.
Stinus 19 January 2008
Whow it's gorgeous! I already loved the first, but this one is even better
feng shaun 19 January 2008
Lily 20 January 2008
Aw, its so pretty; I like it even more than the Air Lines 1.
Cynthia 20 January 2008
Awesome! Love it!
Peng 20 January 2008
Both AL1 and AL2 are superb, great job as always!!
Jeffrey Gibbons 20 January 2008
I like it, more planets and space stuff please!!!
TSiRKO 21 January 2008
although the traffic it's so peaceful!
KB 21 January 2008
This is awesome! I simply love it! You rock Vlad!!
Berry 21 January 2008
I'm impressed! Thank you so much
ACE 21 January 2008
Dj Asterix 21 January 2008
Vlad, this is an amazing wp, thanks for it, if possible could you make one with south america on the middle and Lima, Peru as main hub?, that would be just great!
Gabriele Caspani 21 January 2008
Well done!
Diane Vitro 21 January 2008
You are the very best!
Matthew Johnson 21 January 2008
Two thumbs up!
Kernel32 21 January 2008
Чувак ты гений!! я твой поклонник!!!!
Bryce Donaldson 22 January 2008
I work for a freight forwarder. This wallpaper is PERFECT for work! You are freaking awesome!!!
AMPIT 22 January 2008
I think I like this one better than the previous one. All so beutiful!
月光太温柔 23 January 2008
sahil kumar 23 January 2008
hey thats grrt!!!! thoda katha hai par chalega!!
Simon Simonsen 24 January 2008
Absolutely brilliant!
Jie Wang 24 January 2008
Love the shadows!
Anita 25 January 2008
You really are an artist, Vlad! :)
Ariyo 25 January 2008
love it
Katty 26 January 2008
Intresting!!-мож неправильно,но по английски =)
Marija 28 January 2008
I think it's good :)
Ernst Kirchner 28 January 2008
Really great work! I love both Airlines! I came up with the idea of automatically changing the desktop with several variations of the airline wallpaper. for example like 12 images, everyone a step from day to night. just a thought you may consider...
Komal Agarwal 31 January 2008
Rzabcio! 1 February 2008
henno 11 February 2008
Hallo I come from denmark and had once Airlines 2, but i cant find it. Now I have looked all over the internet but i cant find a place to buy it. Enyone who can help me whit fiding this great game?
Vlad Gerasimov 11 February 2008
henno - this wallpaper is not connected with any game. Same name is pure coincidence.
kam 13 February 2008
best for pc
juhi 13 February 2008
i like vwey much
looks good 14 February 2008
wanna see it
ILO529 15 February 2008
kanu 22 February 2008
kanu 22 February 2008
James Kolpack 2 March 2008
This is a great piece of art - I've had it as my wallpaper for some time. I've recently noticed a detail which caused me some distress - there are two planes on intercepting paths! The first one has departed Kenya and is traveling east towards Singapore. If this plane lands at a Singapore airport, everything will be fine. The flight lines, however, make it apparent that it not stop, and it will instead continue on to some unknown destination, even further east, over the horizon. The startling fact that I came to realize, I hope not too late, is that there is a west bound plane traveling on the same line! Please, Vlad, contact the respective air traffic controllers - only you can prevent this tragedy before it comes to pass.
Napoleon 26 March 2008
Tre bien
Jones Le 18 April 2008
Sindhu 19 April 2008
Really nice!
SNOOPY@YAN 30 April 2008
xo 26 September 2008
perfect for me for a looooong time bro
érKan 9 October 2008
thank you Vlad..!Really nice!
CPETV 1 January 2009
Gran bello sfondo !!
fish 13 February 2009
wow, this is great!
ha3rvey 6 March 2009
Vlad, I just bought a membership because of this one wallpaper. I can't believe I waited this long. This is now the wallpaper on my work laptop. Thanks for doing such awesome work!
Brewskie 29 September 2009
Chemtrails anyone?
Aussieghump 10 March 2010
Vlad, I tried making my own wallpaper clocks using your instructions - pretty cool! Would you be able to make this 'plane desktop' into a theme for the clock where the planes move along the route each minute??? And have the globe 'darken' with a 24 hour clock??? I like also think that the 'Travelling' tree would be great to move across the screen or have the 'fading cheshire cat' fade with time..... maybe this would be too 'intensive', but would be cool.
i dun know 16 August 2010
how do you download it for mac?
suju 23 August 2012
xấu vkl
mazza 7 January 2013
Can you do these with little UFO's :)
Alien 15 May 2013
James Kolpack , both of the planes are flying to Singapore!
烟雨青花 3 September 2013
ran 16 September 2013
Thank you, I will try this...
anyuat 23 December 2013
Jonathan 19 February 2017
How can i have the wallpapers show 24 hour clock? otherwise these are all amazing thankyou.
Vishnu 2 October 2019
Wowww .. Really Amazing...
paria 26 May 2020
i love it