Blue Star Eclipse


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  26 July 2009
By request, this is the blue version of previous wallpaper, Sun Eclipse. Thanks!

Karl  ·  26 July 2009
Waw. That one is really better, in my opinion. One of the best I've seen for a long time :).

Jaideep Nadkarni  ·  26 July 2009
Hundred times more beautiful than the real total eclipse!

Luke Sky Walker  ·  26 July 2009
The Red Version is for me more beautifull. Thats for real. But Blue is more spacy. See u in the pegasus galaxy. ;-)

Arthur Pustynin  ·  26 July 2009
Эта приятнее. Люблю холодные цвета.

efand  ·  26 July 2009
always awesome!!

Tusnelda  ·  26 July 2009
Just wonderful, like all the rest!!!!!

  ·  27 July 2009

Micky  ·  27 July 2009
This one is perfect for me (I love blue wallpapers). What about a third one in green? That would be perfect for my brother! ;-) Thanks!!!

Jeffrey Shinn  ·  28 July 2009
Yes, I agree that it is both great and that other colors would be awesome. Don't stop now! :) Anyone else notice the optical illusion with it? When I catch it in the corner of my eye to just looking at it it appears as if the lines are moving around the "sun". Cool.

  ·  8 August 2009
قشنگ بود.merci

Gerardo   ·  12 August 2009
Me gusta mas que el color rojo ojala lo tengan en mas colores ok.

!!??!!  ·  20 August 2009

Жан  ·  4 September 2009
Керемет! Рахмет сызге =)

E\'ek  ·  5 September 2009
Oalah..., do ngomong opo tho yo? tapie ce gambare uapik.

zack   ·  17 October 2009
please make the star in green thats my favorite color and i have been looking for a green desktop background but yours are the best so i cant find any green ones. I need something green! its driving me nuts! =-]

zack   ·  17 October 2009
um i just posted a comment about A Green one and i'd like it if it was bright green like neon green but not yellow green thats to eyepopping. hehe

zack   ·  14 November 2009
hi its me again, I think u should make a series of colors for this star. It would be nice. I am younger so i could tell my friends about u if u want. They would love it if u made a series. If u cant get 2 it i understand but, if u got some free time just switch the colors around and it would make my day. =]

Morgan  ·  10 December 2009
I was lookingforsomething less "Christmas -y" and more appropriate for Winter Solstice. This was PERFECT!!! Thanks!!

zack   ·  23 December 2009
its me agin i stil didnt find a green 1. ughhh i give up. but keep going vlad yur art is awsom

Lewis   ·  25 December 2009

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