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Headphones (Girl)
Headphones (Boy)
Flow 15
Chirp Chirp
Space Gardener
The Mushroom Band
Flow 14
Flow 13
Sweet ButterflyKisses 18 October 2009
I just love all of your wallpapers. It is hard to find a free wallpaper with such great colors and contrast. They are all bright and unique. I love them all.
Flow 12
Flow 11
Flow 10
Good Morning Sun
Flow 9
Flow 8
Flow 6
Flow 1
Ukrainian Embroidery: Ternopil
ha3rvey 6 March 2009
Vlad, I just bought a membership because of this one wallpaper. I can't believe I waited this long. This is now the wallpaper on my work laptop. Thanks for doing such awesome work!
Ukrainian Embroidery: Kherson
Ukrainian Embroidery: Sumy
Ukrainian Embroidery: Kirovohrad
Blue and Yellow
Magic of Music: Piano
The Moon And The Tree
A Sleeping Snake
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