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Flow 15
My Emotions Chart
Sonya Walking
Flow 13
Flow 10
Jazz Band
Paolo Pisanu 10 April 2012
I'm an Ubuntu user since the first release in 2004 and I'm so happy to see this!!! Vlad you are great!!! Something is changing on the Desktops all over the World and your Works are beatiful.
Flow 5
Old Tbilisi (Fragment)
Old Tbilisi
Old Kyiv
Ukrainian Embroidery: Ternopil
Ukrainian Embroidery: Mykolaiv
Ukrainian Embroidery: Kherson
Ukrainian Embroidery: Sumy
Ukrainian Embroidery: Kirovohrad
Lisa Parisot 2 March 2021
Thank you for sharing your beautiful work. Been a follower for many years and continue to be surprised.
Magic of Music: Guitar
Swipe, swipe, swipe (Color 1)
Paper Cut
The Floating Village
I Feel Good
Autumn Gradient
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