The Loneliest house in the world
The Power of Imagination (Christmas Edition)
Old Tbilisi (Fragment)
Old Tbilisi
Old Kyiv
The Floating Village
Stay At Home, Stay In Touch
Ellen Lawless 24 February 2021 Botanica
Amazing talent. Awesome colours. So alive. Hard to say but I think one of your best. More please.
New York In The Dark
Siberian Wooden Houses, 7
Siberian Wooden Houses, 6
Siberian Wooden Houses, 5
Siberian Wooden Houses, 4
Siberian Wooden Houses, 3
Siberian Wooden Houses, 2
krystalmyst 7 May 2012 Sketchbook - Natasha is fishing
I'm NOT an artist(unable to even draw a decent looking circle!) And I know NOTHING about"Photoshop!" I don't know HOW this phenomenal art was created. Drawn? Generated somehow,or both? DOESN'T MATTER! You have NO idea how badly I needed to smile & art is one of thosee magical gifts given to us all that just makes you feel,well...MAGICAL! I *SINCERELY* THANK YOU for sharing YOUR gift! There aren't any,or enough words to decribethe MAGICAL effect sharing your art truely does have,so again "THANK YOU!"
Alien Housewife
The Two and the Lighthouse
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