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My Emotions Chart
Sonya Walking
Jazz Band
Flow 3
Old Tbilisi (Fragment)
Old Tbilisi
mikeg 25 October 2008
Well, this is quintessential Vlad. Amazing combinations of color and texture, mastery of technique, whimsical theme and a cartoonish element somewhere in the composition. Sometimes the cartoonish aspect is well-integrated (as in "Punctuation") and sometimes it seems willfully incongruous or ironic, like graffiti slapped on top of a masterpiece. Like many here, I'm in love with Vlad's art. But living with the cartoon octopus is a struggle. At the same time, we must realize the composition would be empty, dark and lonely without it. At the risk of offending genius, I try to imagine our pianist without dark stripes and the bulging cartoon eyes replaced by classic Ray-Ban shades with burnt orange lenses. Would that work? Would "Pianist" still be recognizable around the world as a Vlad? If I could answer those questions, I might be creating popular works of art myself instead of slaving 9 to 5 [LOL]!
Old Kyiv
Magic of Music: Guitar
Halloween Pet
The Floating Village
I Feel Good
The Perfect Boobs
Lower Antelope canyon 2
Lower Antelope canyon 3
Tiny Living
CarenS 17 July 2020
I absolutely love this. I have Vlad's artwork dating back over 10 ten years. This is one of my favorites. I have some that I'm hoping he'll bring back because my computer and mobile devices have updated since then and the pixels have changed. All in all, I am still using them because they are wonderful to look at...Thanks Vlad.
Lower Antelope canyon
Colin Huggins
The Cappuccino Tree
Missing Him
Missing Her
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