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My Emotions Chart
Bird Bird Bird Bird (Winter edition)
Jazz Band
Blue and Yellow 2
The Impenetrable Wall of Love
Swipe, swipe, swipe (Color 3)
Anna Wallace 4 March 2010
Yes, Vlad - Great Fun! I can just see you smiling as you added that fan at the top and a knot in the middle! Love your Imagination, don't you ever lose it! Anna
Swipe, swipe, swipe (Color 2)
Swipe, swipe, swipe (Color 1)
A Sleeping Snake
Halloween Pet
Paper Cut
Sketchy, Unfocused
I Feel Good
Valeena 6 September 2021
I absolutely love this. When I was a little girl into my mid teens, my family and I used to go for long weekends about five hours or away from our home. We used to leave right after my Father would get home from work on Thursday or Friday. This picture reminds me of when we drove to Montreal from New Jersey. Part of our trip was through rural and forest areas until we would reach the highway in New York State (we lived on the border of NY and NJ) that would take us all of the way to the Canadian border. Thank you so much for this wonderful memory.
Bird Bird Bird Bird Bird
Fear of the Blank Canvas
The Bat and Her Pet
Procrastination (Color 2)
She vanquishes the terrible winged fiend, but her thoughts are fixed on Eternity
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