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My Emotions Chart
Bird Bird Bird Bird (Winter edition)
Jazz Band
Blue and Yellow 2
The Impenetrable Wall of Love
Swipe, swipe, swipe (Color 3)
Dash 2 July 2022
came across your website today and it's been a joy to go though all of them. pretty much every art of yours seems to align to my personal interest. so glad that you exist and have the ability to put your imagination into canvas. thank you!
Swipe, swipe, swipe (Color 2)
Swipe, swipe, swipe (Color 1)
A Sleeping Snake
Halloween Pet
Paper Cut
Sketchy, Unfocused
I Feel Good
Frank 18 May 2021
I always think I am that picky kind of person and I find it really difficult to find a work i like. But your work is just amazing.
Bird Bird Bird Bird Bird
Fear of the Blank Canvas
The Bat and Her Pet
Procrastination (Color 2)
She vanquishes the terrible winged fiend, but her thoughts are fixed on Eternity
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