The Loneliest house in the world (Night)
The Moon And The Tree
Halloween Pet
The Night Drive
Dear Moon, Merry Christmas
Full Moon
The Moon and The Ocean
The Bright Side Of The Moon
Ferri long ago
I am so much in awe of your talent. When I found your website I immediately registered. I was excited to find and download so many wonderful desktop pictures in one place. I couldn't wait to have such fine pictures decorate my computer as I worked on it, but oddly enough, instead of working I often find myself simply, quietly staring at my computer screen. Mesmerized by your work; I can sit for hours contemplating every line, shape or colour as I would a mandala in meditation. This work, Emotion 3 is sublimely perfect for such meditation.
Christmas Dragon
The Fox And The Moon
Who Stole The Moon? Promo
Moon Phases
They Stole The Moon (Version 2008)
Winter Moon
The Two on The Moon