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Paper Cut

Latest artwork

Paper Cut


New Tab for Chrome 1.2.0

Just several days after 1.1.0, here comes New Tab for Chrome 1.2.0.

19 October 15:40

Latest visitors comments

Khuong Tran  ·  03:21  ·  The Night Drive
This is amazing !. Looking forward more of this style

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  14:34  ·  Paper Cut
It is indeed! Its fill color was missing, I fixed that.

Kelcey  ·  12:22  ·  Paper Cut
After a second look, I think it's a spray bottle :)

Kelcey  ·  12:17  ·  Paper Cut
This is delightful, but I can't quite work out what the stylist is holding in their left hand?

Mike  ·  22 October 00:08  ·  Paper Cut
Great job! Love this story. BTW, 4500x4500 variant is not available anymore.

binh  ·  21 October 17:06  ·  Botanica

Claudio  ·  18 October 05:30  ·  Still
Fantastic, thanks a lot

Нина  ·  14 October  ·  The Night Drive
Прекрасная работа! Ждём Ваши обои по мотивам "Маленького принца" ;-)

bipro  ·  14 October  ·  The Bright Side Of The Moon
so far so good

Kichan  ·  11 October  ·  The Night Drive
i like it, give me strange feeling