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Vladstudio is the project of digital artist Vlad Gerasimov.
Since 1998, I've created 500+ digital art pieces, available as:

Vlad's art continues to evolve in exciting new ways. So glad I'm a registered member.
Worth every penny and the value of  my membership keeps growing with time!
Mike G

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Latest visitors comments

Ginger Yip  ·  06:28  ·  Botanica
Lovely! Hopefully more to come!!

MARCELLINO P RUSCA  ·  00:23  ·  Botanica
Wow ! Great work !

zhihong qian  ·  22:19  ·  Botanica
So lovely!

protaos  ·  15:58  ·  Lower Antelope canyon 2
Cool wallpaper

Vijay  ·  27 February 07:19  ·  Botanica
Hi Vlad, been your fan from quite a few years back and just came back after a very long time! Your art gives me peace and happiness! Thank you for that!

Jaideep Nadkarni  ·  27 February 02:59  ·  Botanica
I so loved it instantly, in going to have it on all my devices... Thank you so much, Vlad! ❤️

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  27 February 01:27  ·  Botanica
Thank you everyone for your comments! I really appreciate them.

Anna B.  ·  26 February 22:48  ·  Botanica
Love your work, especially this embroidery-themed print.

Harris Stevenson  ·  26 February 21:23  ·  Botanica
Very pretty! I'm now using it on all of my devices.

nene  ·  26 February 06:48  ·  Botanica
Looks like if plants were microbes seen under a microscope! Love it! Amazing work