The Impenetrable Wall of Love
Halloween Pet
The Bat and Her Pet
The Witch
Where Halloween Smiles Are Born
Halloween on  a Little Planet
Where Halloween Pumpkins Are Born
david 30 September 2010
Thank you for creating this art. It is very nice and soothing -- the composition, the color and the background texture. The stylized birds in flight remind me of the LXDE logo: http://tinyurl.com/2fnokzr
The World Map of Small Towns
Mushrooms (Halloween Night)
A Cheshire Kitten (Halloween Night)
The Gathering Storm (Halloween Night)
Windows 7 Alternative Default Wallpaper
A Small Gift For Christmas
Halloween: Trick or Treat? (Pac-Man Edition)
All you need is love
Brigitte J Bone 10 April 2020
You are like an old friend. Haven't visited you in a long time! Still amazing site! PS: I actually still remembered my password - and I am 73 years old!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!! https://vlad.studio/wallpaper/lower_antelope_2#
Halloween In The Midnight Forest
All is Full of Ladybugs
All is Full of Butterflies
All is Full of Dragonflies
The Two and The Nightmare Before Christmas
A Halloween wallpaper