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Sabaduri Forest
Orchestra (Beige)
Orchestra (Green)
Christmas Popup Book
The Moon And The Tree
Halloween Pet
Christina (Australia) 26 September 2008
I agree with Richard. My Vladstudio lifetime membership was the best money i ever spent! I am so very happy with your amazing work and talent! Vlad you are very inspirational & wonderful!
The Night Drive
Christmas Alien Abduction
Tiny Living
The Shooting Star
The Cappuccino Tree
The Tree Of Lights (Gold)
The Two Trees
Internet Cafe
krystalmyst 7 May 2012
I'm NOT an artist(unable to even draw a decent looking circle!) And I know NOTHING about"Photoshop!" I don't know HOW this phenomenal art was created. Drawn? Generated somehow,or both? DOESN'T MATTER! You have NO idea how badly I needed to smile & art is one of thosee magical gifts given to us all that just makes you feel,well...MAGICAL! I *SINCERELY* THANK YOU for sharing YOUR gift! There aren't any,or enough words to decribethe MAGICAL effect sharing your art truely does have,so again "THANK YOU!"
Books (Color 3)
Alice, Her Dragon and The Christmas Tree
The Autumn Tree
The Traveling Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree
The Traveling Tree
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