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Vladstudio is the project of digital artist Vlad Gerasimov.
Since 1998, I've created 500+ digital art pieces, available as:

Vlad's art continues to evolve in exciting new ways. So glad I'm a registered member.
Worth every penny and the value of  my membership keeps growing with time!
Mike G

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Latest visitors comments

orange  ·  11:02  ·  Cats
so cute~

Shouvik Shikhar Roy  ·  16:18  ·  Still
its different!! liked it.

kawayi  ·  15:35  ·  Coffee Station

Sriram Kini  ·  28 May 11:24  ·  Patek Philippe Watch
I discovered this from a guy on kde store. Glad that I found this. I am a student so cant buy premium now , will surely buy it in future . thanks for free wallpapers.

paria  ·  26 May 19:25  ·  Blogger (digg it digg it digg it)
Beautifully embellished colors are used.i love it

paria  ·  26 May 19:18  ·  Air Lines 2
i love it

paria  ·  26 May 19:16  ·  Semicolon
Very interesting analogy

paria  ·  26 May 19:14  ·  Light bulb
gogoliiii its nice

paria  ·  26 May 19:10  ·  Spotted eagle ray, Aetobatus narinari

Laura Brown  ·  21 May  ·  A Little Quetzal
One of my all-time favorites!